Abdo is a young Porphyrian ityasaari. His scales are located on the inside of his throat, rendering him mute. In Porphyry, he knows Miserere, Newt, and Pelican Man. He seeks out Seraphina after hearing her flute calling to him. Abdo was meant to succeed the Porphyrian priest Paulos Pende (Pelican Man) but he decided to pursue his passion for dancing, resulting in a quarrel between him and the priest.


Abdo travels to Goredd and sends his grandfather to approach Seraphina. The next day, he senses Seraphina's presence in his room during a vision. He jumps around and tries to see her, but cannot.[1]


He climbs trees.



Abdo calls Seraphina "madamina" (Porphyrian for "general") because he misheard her tell her name to Jannoula.


"There are two sacred causes in this world. Chance and necessity. By chance, I was there to help when you had need."
—Abdo speaks to Seraphina concerning holding back Linn's memories of Imlannsrc


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