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Basind is a dragon who is inexperienced in human matters.


On the request of the dragon embassy, Basind causes a mob to test how quickly the Captain's Guard can respond to protect a saar. Orma and Seraphina interfere before the guard arrives, and Seraphina helps Basind by making sure he doesn't freeze to death. She also helps him speak with Prince Lucian Kiggs.

Basind continues to act out, as he doesn't understand human society. Eskar assigns him to Orma, who is to teach him about living among humans. Basind follows Orma around obsessively, noting and complaining about the various violations of behavior Orma performs. When Orma goes to the Quighole to meet with Seraphina, Basind insists on accompanying him, and Orma distracts him by telling the quigs that Basind has a hoard of gold. When they leave, Orma shows Basind how to do a handshake, but Basind refuses to let go of Seraphina's hand.

Basind follows Orma when Seraphina summons his emergency help, but they arrive too late to fight Imlann. They go back to Lavondaville and are taken into custody, but Basind finds it very amusing. He is excused from the consequences of assuming his true form because he was only following Orma's example.

Basind closely dogs Orma when Orma is scheduled for a return to Tanamoot in order to receive an excision, but Basind backs off when Seraphina begins to wail loudly during her goodbyes to Orma. With Basind avoiding them, Orma manages to make his escape.

Basind later sees Orma and Imlann, in their true forms, fighting above Lavondaville. He transforms into his own dragon form but merely flies past, landing near Seraphina, Lucian Kiggs, and Glisselda. Basind reveals that he is working for the Censors and has gathered ample evidence of Orma's excessive emotions. He puts on Lady Corongi's dress and wanders off.