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Claude Dombegh is a lawyer and the father of Seraphina. During Seraphina's birth he found out that his wife, Linn, was a dragon; in order to prevent anyone from finding out, he forged documents naming the fictitious Amaline Ducanahan as his wife and Seraphina's mother. He later remarried, having four children by his second wife, Anne-Marie.


Claude Dombegh fell in love with and married Linn, a talented musician, never suspecting that she was a dragon. He realized the truth during labor, when Linn bled silver over the bed. Linn died during childbirth, leaving Claude an ityasaari daughter, Seraphina. The birth of his daughter may have turned Claude from Goreddi religion, as dragons are considered soulless and evil.

He covered up everything having to do with Linn, inventing Amaline Ducanahan to be Seraphina's mother. He moved to Lavondaville, the capital of Goredd, and picked up his law practice. He became an expert on the treaty and on dragon-related cases, defending them vigorously; Seraphina suggests that he may have done this to understand where he, the human husband of a dragon, stands legally.

Claude concealed the truth from Seraphina and forbade her from learning music. He kept her as isolated as he could in an effort to protect her. He tried to limit contact with Linn's brother, Orma, one of the few who knew the truth.

He met and married Anne-Marie, having four children by her: Tessie, Jeanne, Paul, and Ned.

On the thirty-fifth Treaty Eve, Claude caught the eleven-year-old Seraphina practicing music on one of Linn's old flutes, intending to play in public to force Claude to get her lessons. Claude broke the flute, knowing that Linn had had two flutes, something he did not tell Seraphina.

The next day, Seraphina unlocked her maternal memories and discovered her true origins. Claude agreed to allow Orma to become Seraphina's mentor and to teach her music.