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Dracomachia is the dated art of fighting dragons using specialized technology and soldiers. The key to dracomachia is in utilizing a special type of fire called pyria to ignite the dragon. Although their hides are somewhat heat-resistant, their insides are extremely flammable, causing soldiers to focus on wounding the dragon in order to set its blood on fire.

Practitioners wear heat-resistant armor and use various weapons including:

  • Slashes - polearms with angled hooks at the end, which can also be used for vaulting
  • Harpoons
  • Pyria - "St. Ogdo's fire"; a flaming liquid

When fighting a dragon, it is important to conceal its attackers' numbers by posting the men downwind and having something reek upwind, such as warm cabbages. A full dracomachia unit consists of fourteen knights: two slash, two punch, one fork, one spider, and one swift; all knights, with pitchmen and squires spraying pyria and delivering weapons.

Lars designed a ballista that would fire pyria so easily that even a layman could use it.


Knights know how to perform dracomachia, but after their banishment, dracomachia has largely fallen into disuse. In Shadow Scale, the rulers of the Southlands implore the knights to band together once again to try and train as many new soldiers as they can in the arts of dracomachia.


Dracomachia was going to be the title of Shadow Scale, but Hartman's editor was concerned that it would be too difficult for readers to remember and pronounce.