Fulda is the ambassador of the dragons.


Though only briefly touched on as a character, Fulda is known to be reclusive, even for a dragon. However, his manners are considered to be the best of his kind.



Fulda is first mentioned by Lucian Kiggs, who explains that Queen Lavonda has notified Fulda of the rumors concerning a dragon being spotted in the countryside. Kiggs later resolves to warn Fulda of the possible danger lurking about Ardmagar Comonot.

Fulda makes his first appearance talking to Okra Carmine. Their conversation is quickly cut short by Seraphina, who begs the ambassador's pardon for ferrying away his friend Okra. Unbothered by Seraphina's intrusion, Fulda expresses interest in meeting the famed musician, having heard of her before. Okra, however, will have nothing of this and proclaims to Fulda that she is just as special as Seraphina.

After Imlann manages to kill Princess Dione, a meeting is held between the chief leaders of the kingdoms, and Comonot orders Fulda to read a letter to the group that has been sent to them by ten rebel dragon generals. After hearing such grave news, Glisselda asks Fulda whether dragonkind will stand by their Ardmagar, and Fulda replies that the older generation will likely rebel against Comonot while the younger will likely stand by his side, having been raised with peaceful mindsets.

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