Goredd is a kingdom located in the Southlands of the world; it was founded by Belondweg. It is north of Samsam and northwest of Ninys. Its queen or king rules from the capital, Lavondaville, which is also its biggest city. Goredd's current ruler-after the end of the novel- is Glisselda.


Goreddi culture places huge emphasis on their religion. They do not believe in an omnipotent deity, but instead in a Heaven where a cast of Saints live.

The Goreddi population is heavily prejudiced against dragons.


It has a province called Ducana.


Goredd was previously at war with dragonkind, but Lavonda and Comonot came to a treaty to end it, and for forty years dragons have lived among them as saarantrai.


Goredd is a monarchy. What follows is a list of known members of Goredd's royal family.


  • Goredd is reminiscent of Renaissance Europe.