The Goreddi Enclave is a group of Goreddi knights. Twenty years prior to Seraphina, they were infiltrated by Akara, who caused them to be banished, though Seraphina wryly notes that they haven't been banished far. The enclave consists of sixteen elderly knights and two squires, who live in a cave in Goredd. They preserve the nearly lost art of dracomachia, though only the squires are young enough to perform it effectively.

They always keep warm cabbages on hand, as the stench can confuse dragons.


A dragon sets their barn on fire. Sir Karal Halfholder and Sir Cuthberte Pettybone travel to Lavondaville to report the dragon sighting. A week after the altercation, Seraphina and Kiggs arrive at the enclave to question the other knights, particularly the identification expert, Sir James Peascod . Sir James tentatively identifies the dragon as General Imlann of the Fifth Ard.

Before Seraphina and Kiggs leave, Squires Maurizio and Pender have a short demonstration of dracomachia.[1]



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