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Jacomo Pfanzlig is a minor character in Tess of the Road.


Jacomo is the youngest child in his family, which led to his going to school to become a priest. He has two older brothers, Richard and Heinrigh.

Tess of the Road[]

Jacomo's older brother Richard becomes engaged to Jeanne Dombegh early in Tess of the Road, and on their wedding night, Tess punches Jacomo after he calls her a "harlot" and a "dirty whore." After Tess leaves to look for Anathuthia with Pathka, Jacomo secretly leaves school and follows her, deliberately staying far enough behind her to not run into her but close enough to keep track of her actions and where she goes. They reunite at the end of the book in Segosh, and Tess convinces him to journey with her among the crew of Countess Margarethe.


Jacomo is initially pompous and bitter, but by the end of the book, he seems to have undergone a serious change in his personality. He is more accepting and self-effacing.


Tess Dombegh[]

Although he and Tess are initially enemies, in a sense, with him having called her sexist names and her having punched him, by the end of the book, the pair appears to be friendly, and they have decided to journey together.