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Jeanne Dombegh is Seraphina's younger half-sister by their father. Her fraternal twin sister is Tessie.


Tessie and Jeanne deliver a package containing Seraphina's mother's second flute to Seraphina from their father.[1]

Tess of the Road[]

Jeanne marries Richard Pfanzlig after his proposal at the start of the book. She and Tess are shown to be very close, but by the end of the book, they are no longer on speaking terms after Jeanne told Tess that she hoped she would drown at sea via thnik.


Jeanne is the third child of Claude Dombegh and the second child of Anne-Marie Dombegh. She is the younger fraternal twin of Tess. She has two younger brothers, Paul and Ned, and one older half-sister, Seraphina.


Jeanne is very patient and compliant, and people often see her as being without fault. However, she does lose her temper at Tess at the end of Tess of the Road, telling her that she hopes she'll drown at sea after she decides not to come back to Goredd. It is implied that Jeanne internalized her negative emotions and that they have gradually built up over time, leading to her outburst at Tess.


Lord Richard Pfanzlig[]

Jeanne married Richard at the beginning of Tess of the Road.

Tess Dombegh[]

Jeanne and Tess have always been very close, although by the end of Tess of the Road, they are no longer on speaking terms.


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