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Josquin is a minor character in Shadow Scale and Tess of the Road.


Josquin lives in Segosh, Ninys.  He and his mother are cousins of Dame Okra Carmine.  He was a part of the Des Osho (in Ninysh: "the Eight"), but after an injury bound him to a walking chair made by St. Blanche, he had to leave.  He became a writer and started interviewing former members of Des Osho to compile a history of the group.

Shadow Scale[]

Josquin and the rest of Des Osho helped to transport Seraphina through Ninys.  At the end of the journey, he made a move as if to kiss her, although Dame Okra recognized his intent and called him out.  Then, Gianni Patto attacked him, damaging his legs permanently and binding him to a walking chair.

Tess of the Road[]

Tess goes to work for Josquin's mom, Mother Gaida, as a seamstress.  She lives with the family and helps to take care of Josquin, who faces difficulties due to the limited mobility of his walking chair.  Eventually, the pair develops a romantic relationship, but they break up when Tess leaves to go on a journey with Countess Margarethe in search of the World Serpents.


Josquin is kind and accepting, as he doesn't seem to mind that Seraphina is an ityasaari. However, he is extremely sensitive about his disability, and when Tess calls him "harmless," he grabs her as if to attack her. However, she punches him first.


Seraphina Dombegh[]

Josquin had obvious feelings for Seraphina, although they were not reciprocated. They remain friends after the events of Shadow Scale, and he even goes to visit her in Goredd.

Tess Dombegh[]

Josquin and Tess develop a romantic relationship in Tess of the Road. However, they end things between them when Tess leaves to search for the World Serpents with Countess Margarethe.