Karal Halfholder is a banished knight of Goredd. He lives with the Goreddi Enclave of knights.


Karal was left punch in a drachomachia unit during the war between Tanamoot and Goredd before the treaty ended it. He considered the treaty to be a big mistake and was not shy to say so, loudly.

At the thirty-fifth anniversary of the treaty, he and Maurizio were in St. Loola's square to watch the dragon procession. There he met an eleven-year-old Seraphina, who watched with them. However, the procession was interrupted by a riot in the crowd. Karal and Maurizio rescued Seraphina from a dragon after she fainted, perceiving it to be a threat to her; Karal wielded a polearm against it. The two men carried the semi-conscious Seraphina to her home.

He and Maurizio later joined a banished enclave of knights.



He is vigorously anti-dragon.



Maurizio may be Karal's squire.