Kenneth Belgioso is a character in Tess of the Road.

Background Edit

Kenneth is the much younger brother of Anne-Marie Dombegh. Because he is only three years older than Tess and Jeanne, they consider him to be their honorary cousin, although he is actually their uncle. Kenneth is a Daanite (homosexual).

Tess of the Road Edit

Kenneth appears only in flashbacks. He first appears when he was nine and Tess and Jeanne were six. Tess attempts to marry him and Jeanne in the hope of determining how babies are made. However, Anne-Marie comes in and stops her before anything really happens.

He later appears when he is 16 and Tess is 13. Together, they sneak out and attend lectures at St. Bert's Collegium.

Relationships Edit

Tess Dombegh Edit

Kenneth is Tess's uncle, although she considers him her cousin due to their closeness in age. They have a close relationship, and he helps her sneak out to lectures at St. Bert's Collegium.

Rynald, Baronet Averbath Edit

Kenneth has a crush on Lord Rynald, although it is unclear if the feeling is mutual. The two do develop a friendship, but it is not discussed much in Tess of the Road.