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Lars is a Samsamese ityasaari.


Lars's mother was impregnated by a dragon, but she kept this secret from everyone, including her husband and Lars; it is not clear whether she herself knew whose baby she carried. Lars lived in the remote highlands of Samsam and grew up there.

Lars was seven years old when he began to develop scales on his right bicep; Lars's father—in actuality his stepfather—killed Lars's mother on the spot, and Lars's half-brother, Josef, pushed his father off of the tower they lived in. It is implied that Josef did so to protect Lars from his father's wrath; however, after killing the man, Josef kicked Lars out into the hills and told Lars that he would kill Lars if he saw Lars again.

Lars began to dream of music, and he followed it to Goredd, where he became a protégé of Viridius. He built the megaharmonium and the Countdown Clock.


At Prince Rufus's funeral, Lars hears Seraphina play the Invocation on the flute and realizes he has been dreaming of her music. Three days before Comonot's arrival, she comes to see his megaharmonium and meet him. They go out to a bridge grab a bite to eat and Lars tells her he has dreamed of her music and it led him to Goredd. He explains that in his life in Samsam he was a pariah, due to being homosexual. Seraphina asks about his megaharmonium and Lars begins to detail the mathematics he did to calculate the acoustics.

They are interrupted by Josef, who is passing by. Josef sees Lars and immediately begins to yell and curse at him, ultimately knocking him into the river. Lars can swim but his clothes make it difficult, so townspeople help him out. They offer him dry clothes, which he shies away from, but Seraphina begins to play popular music. Lars watches her for a while and then realizes it is a distraction to give him time to dress.

When he is done, he is approached by members of the Captain's Guard. He rebuffs them, refusing to press charges against Josef. Lars briefly speaks with Captain Lucian Kiggs, implying that he used to be a serf on Josef's land, before leaving.[1]




Lars thinks of Seraphina as a little sister.


Many people, including Seraphina, believe that Lars and Viridius share a romantic relationship.


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