Gelina, whose mental avatar is known as Nagini, is an ityasaari in Seraphina's garden. Nag, whose true name is Gaios, is Gelina's twin brother.


Gelina and her brother Gaios are described as tall, speedy, and "absurdly beautiful". They serve the Porphyrian goddess, Necessity, and as such, dress plainly without any decoration. They are both very skilled athletes and received public honors for their victories during the Solstice Games.

Seraphina first knew Gelina as one of the "grotesques" that populated her mental garden. Called Nagini, she and her twin, Nag, would race each other over three sand dunes in Seraphina's mind. Eventually, Seraphina met their real-world counterparts when her travels brought her to Porphyry.

Although she cannot see every ityasaari's soul-light, she is able to see her brother's.

Name OriginEdit

Nagini is a word for a female snake-being.