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Porphyry is a very small country located to the northwest of the Southlands. Due to its small size, it is more of a city-state than a country, and thus is likely its own capital.


Its people are primarily dark-skinned and originated from farther north. Porphyry is best known for its long history of emiment philosophers and its prestigious universities.

Pygegyria is a form of Porphyrian dance.



Porphyry had a long series of philosophers, but how long ago they lived is unconfirmed.

A millenium ago, Golya discovered how to assume a saarantras in order to speak with the Porphyrian philosophers; Golya was deeply impressed by Porphyrian universities and even founded one there himself, Danlo Mootseye.

The Porphyrian Bibliagathon is quite famous.[1]


The language of Porphyry is Porphyrian.

  • Madamina: general
  • Pygegyria: bum waggling. It's a form of traditional Porphyrian dance.


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