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Quootla is the language spoken by quigutl. Although it is mostly the same as Mootya, the dragon language, there are also many important differences between the two languages.

Words and Phrases[]

Quootla (or Mootya) Goreddi/English
fatluketh coming-of-age rite, wherein quigutl hatchlings fight their mothers and try to bite them, thereby ending the parental phase of the relationship
fthep to deliver a stinging rebuke with your tail
fthootl quigutl toy intended to build up ocular dexterity
kemthikemthlutl ritual to connect one's dreams with a World Serpent's
kikiu death
ko ungendered pronoun that quigutl use for each other
thmepitlkikiu something so transcendent there are no words for it
thuthmeptha when a quigutl metamorphoses from one sex to another, which happens several times across their lifespans
tutlkikiu splitting death, an affliction of quigutl
-utl suffix indicating contradictory case, wherein a word also means its opposite (see page for more details)