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Seraphina's Garden is a form of cognitive architecture which Seraphina uses to contain and control her visions by putting avatars (or "grotesques") of the ityasaari to represent them. The garden was Orma's idea.

The garden has no set layout—Seraphina's subconscious, or "underthought," recreates the layout and fills in detail—but there are a few permanent features. It has a distinct border wall and a gate, and Wee Cottage within it traps Jannoula. Pelican Man has a starry sky, which he's always staring at, and Fruit Bat has many trees to climb. Each grotesque has its own area, which they never venture out of except for in extreme circumstances.

Seraphina must keep her garden "in ard" to contain the visions she otherwise has. Seraphina spends hour(s) every day tending to her garden grotesques; when she starts, she arrives outside the border and puts her hands on the gate and says "This is my mind's garden, I tend it; I order it. I have nothing to fear." As she leaves, she says, "This is my garden, all in ard. I tend it faithfully; let it keep faith with me."[1]


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