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@enby511 writes on 11/5/2018...

Friends! Romans! Etc!

So this Wikia is kind of a disaster, but it has great structure that we can build off of. Right now, one of the things that I think is holding us all back from fixing this site is that it is incredibly daunting to start a project like this. So, I am making a Google Doc where everyone can contribute to a list of pages that need to be made. In addition, people can sign up to do specific pages. (However, don't sign up if you just plan on doing it at some point in the distant future; if you sign up, commit and do it within a week or so.)

Absolutely no pressure to help me with this. But also, all of the pressure in the world, as this is freaking me out.

Check out my Google Doc and feel free to contribute! We can do this!

Thank you all in advance, and I love you,

Your friendly neighborhood fanperson