Chapter 11


Important Events
  • Seraphina and Kiggs talk, and when Seraphina feels that her secrets are threatened, she provokes a brief but severe argument with Kiggs, perhaps ending their tentative friendship

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After Lars leaves, Kiggs convinces Seraphina to dispense with some formality, calling him "Kiggs" instead of "Prince Lucian." As they walk back to Castle Orison, Kiggs thanks Seraphina for her intervention on behalf of the saarantrai, helping Glisselda see sense and Kiggs gather his courage. Kiggs comments that her familiarity with dragons is unusual and couldn't have been gained merely through study of the treaty, and he asks if it is because of Orma.

Seraphina is relieved and confirms Kiggs's theory, but before she can tell him about Orma's suspicion that Imlann is hiding in Lavondaville, intending to ruin the human-dragon treaty, Kiggs asks Seraphina if St. Capiti is her psalter Saint. Seraphina is surprised that he correctly guessed her substitute saint and Kiggs explains that it is his nature to notice things. Seraphina, who has much to hide, feels threatened.

Seraphina withdraws from the conversation, responding politely and distantly when Kiggs presses for her opinion on various subjects. As they arrive at the castle, Kiggs says that her mother must have been very musical since Seraphina has so much talent. He admits that when her father remarried and Seraphina entered public eye by singing at the marriage, Kiggs had looked into the matter, hoping to find that she had been illegitimate like himself. He even went as far as to ask one of his men to make a rubbing of Amaline's tombstone.

Seraphina is horrified that Kiggs has thoroughly researched her past, uncovering only the lies but always only a step away from the incriminating truth.

Kiggs, unaware of Seraphina's turmoil, says that her music can touch people's souls, and he asks her what it is like to be so talented. Seraphina instantly lashes out, asking him what it's like to be a bastard. She is immediately aghast and repentant. Angered, Kiggs storms off.