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Chapter 5


Important Events
  • Seraphina buys a figurine from a quig
  • Seraphina has a vision of Fruit Bat; although she is invisible and not physically present, he seems to know she's there

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Seraphina contacts Orma via the spinet, wanting to talk about Fruit Bat wandering in her garden; the two arrange to meet at St. Ida's after Orma finishes with his last student. Seraphina sets off but along the way encounters a quig. The quig shows her a statuette of a lizard with the face of a man and Seraphina agrees to buy it. She puts it away and the quig leaves just as a pair of men approach, asking to know if Seraphina is alright. Seraphina, who has been feeling the effects of a vision-induced migraine ever since catching a whiff of Basind's dragon blood on her cloak, is suddenly seized by a vision and faints.

In her vision, Seraphina sees Fruit Bat in real life. Disconcertedly, Fruit Bat seems to be staring right at her, even though she isn't really there. He jumps and feels around as if trying to find or touch her.

When Seraphina comes to, she asks the two men—Thomas and Silas Broadwick—and their sister, Louisa, to take her to Castle Orison, where her rooms are. They do so, but once they arrive, Thomas draws Seraphina aside and tells her that he saw the figurine she bought from the quig. He tells her that he almost killed her while she was unconscious for this very transgression, and that quig-loving women mysteriously disappear. With a final warning to repent to St. Ogdo, he leaves with the other Broadwicks.

Shaken, and feeling another migraine, Seraphina stumbles to her room.