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Chapter 6


Important Events
  • Seraphina asks Fruit Bat to not induce any more visions
  • In her garden, Seraphina finds the memories left for her by Linn and puts them in a box

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Although she is exhausted, Seraphina enters her garden and finds Fruit Bat. She tells him not to induce any more visions because collapsing endangers her, as she might hit her head. As she turns to tend to the others, she notices a snowstorm of brightly colored flakes. Investigation reveals that each flake is a memory that Linn passed on to Seraphina. Seraphina gets accidentally pulled into one of them detailing an interaction between her parents, very much in love and having their first kiss.

Afterwards, Seraphina is disturbed by how little the memory affects her. She contacts Orma to discuss Fruit Bat's behavior; Orma is fascinated and suggests that she track him down in real life. Seraphina laughs a little at this and goes to bed dreaming of going on an adventure with Orma to find Fruit Bat in Porphyry.