Chapter 9


Important Events
  • Thomas Broadwick pursues Seraphina through a crowd
  • Orma shows Imlann's coin to Seraphina, telling her that he is in Goredd and possibly plotting against Comonot
  • Basind is assigned to Orma's care

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After spending four days working hard making arrangements for the upcoming celebrations, Seraphina takes a break. She goes to visit Orma, intending to get a music lesson, but she encounters Thomas Broadwick at St. Willibald's market. Broadwick, sensing that Seraphina has not renounced quigs and dragons, shadows Seraphina through the crowd. She only throws him off by passing preaching Sons of St. Ogdo, which distract Broadwick enough for Seraphina to escape.

She arrives at St. Ida's music conservatory, about to tell him all about her scare in the marketplace, but she finds Orma distracted. Orma shows her a coin that a beggar at Prince Rufus's funeral gave him. This coin is from his father's hoard. Orma tells Seraphina Imlann's history, from how he was an illustrious general permitted allowances to his disgrace after his daughter's abandonment. Imlann fled before he could be put to trial for hoarding and resisting Ardmagar Comonot's new laws. His gift of the coin to Orma suggests that he is now in Goredd.

Seraphina worries that Imlann may be targeting herself or her father Claude, due to their shameful connection to Linn, but Orma reassures her that Imlann does not know of Seraphina's existence and denies Claude's Instead they wonder if Imlann may be planning to assassinate Ardmagar Comonot and start another human-dragon war. Seraphina feels that there is not enough evidence to support a conclusion this extreme and Orma confesses to being unable to make an objective judgment in the matter. He admits that he hates Imlann, to Seraphina's shock, because dragons should not feel anything that powerful.

Despite their uncertainty, Seraphina thinks that Lucian Kiggs should be informed of Imlann's presence and his possible intentions. Basind arrives, interrupting further plans, and hands Orma a note from Eskar. Eskar tells Orma to look after Basind and teach him human ways, as he has been doing a terrible job so far. At this point Seraphina must leave, without the music lesson she'd been anticipating, so Orma tells her to go visit the megaharmonium.