William of Affle was a minor character who appears in flashbacks in Tess of the Road. He and Tess had a romantic and sexual relationship until his mysterious disappearance.

Background Edit

William was born in Affle, Ninys. In Ninysh, the name of this town is "Afale."

Tess of the Road Edit

Will appears exclusively in flashbacks in Tess of the Road. Tess met him when she attended lectures at St. Bert's Collegium. He and Tess developed a romantic relationship, but he raped her. When she discovered that she was pregnant, she went to tell him, but he had disappeared.

Character Edit

Tess sees Will as very charming and intelligent.

Relationships Edit

Tess Dombegh Edit

Tess and Will were in a relationship when she was 13 to 14. However, he raped, impregnated, and abandoned her. He had promised to marry her, even referring to her as "my wife," but he did not follow through on this promise. Tess views their relationship as almost competitive; she hopes to find the World Serpents before he does.

Harald Fjargard and Roger Ivy Edit

Will drank with two friends, Harald Fjargard and Roger Ivy, when he knew Tess.